E & A Pure Beauty Skin Care Products

Olive Oil Soap & Balms - E & A Pure Beauty | Greek Body & Soul  - logoE & A Pure Beauty creates handmade soaps and balms based on carefully selected natural ingredients.

All of E & A Pure Beauty's products are handmade using traditional techniques assuring the highest quality products available for you. 

E & A utilizes the cold press method of soapmaking.  E & A exclusively utilizes the highest quality Messinian and Spartan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, pure botanical extracts, essential oils, spices and mineral clays.  First pressed, mechanically (not thermally) processed, provides the basis of a very effective beauty product.

100% First Cold Pressed Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil Soap & Balms - E & A Pure Beauty | Greek Body & Soul  - pure-120g_(1)Before it is presented to your hands 300 Greek olives and months of aging in a controlled environment have gone into the making of a single bar of soap.

E & A Pure Beauty soaps are suitable for your face, body, feet and intimate parts.  Use E & A Pure Beauty soaps in the shower, in the bath, as shampoo, shaving cream and as a facial cream.  Our special formula enables deep absorption and activates the natural healing mechanisms of the skin.  All E & A Pure Beauty soap bars are suitable for use on sensitive skin.  No artificial perfumes, preservatives or colorings have been added.

After it has aged for 8 weeks in a special room with natural ventilation, E & A Pure Beauty soap is cut, stamped and packaged by hand. We stand among the rare, few producers who use absolutely NO SYNTHETIC ADDITIVES OR ARTIFICIAL COLORINGS in its soaps.

100% Pure - With No Additives

Olive Oil Soap & Balms - E & A Pure Beauty | Greek Body & Soul  - pure-120g_(2)

No other ingredient is used in our standard production range of soap base other than extra virgin olive oil, distilled water and lye.

The extra virgin olive oil we use reaches 100% in all our standard production range soaps.

We create our soap without boiling the natural oil or separating its glycerin.  Our soap consequently is rich in glycerin maintaining all the natural properties of raw, unprocessed olive oil. Our products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.